Piece of Happiness Dido

Date of Birth/ Születési idő: 2019.05.16

Sire: Ch Piece of Happiness Coll

Dam: Ch Piece of Happiness Alisha

Health results:

Clinical eyes test:

eyes clear

Dysplasia/ Diszplázia:


ED: 0/0

OCD: Clear

She has wisdom panel =>

TNS: normal

NCL5: normal

CEA: Normal

GG: Normal

MDR1: normal

IGS: normal

RS/DH: normal

SN: normal

CA: normal

DM: normal

MC/MH: normal

EAOD: normal






Eyes test : come soon

Recommended for breeding/ Tenyésztésre javasolt 

Full dentition , scissors bite

 eered carrier

Show results:

2019.09.28 Karcag  first CAC: Very promosing 1

2019.09.28 Karcag second CAC : Very promosing 1

2021.10.09 Gödöllő Special CAC: Excellent 1 CAC 

2021. 10. 23 Komárom CACIB: excellent 4

2021.10.23 Komárom club show: excellent

2021.10.30 Podgorica CACIB: CAC, CACIB, BOB => Montenegro Champion

2021.10.31 Podgorica CACIB: CAC, CACIB, BOB => Montenegro Grand Champion


TOP3 female at HCSC

2022.02.12. Skopje CAC: CAC , BOS

2022.02.12 Skopje CACIB: CAC Res.CACIB=> Macedon Champion    &  Balkan Champion

2022.02.13 Skopje Cac: CAC

2022.02.13 Skopje CACIB: CAC , CACIB, BOS => Macedon Grand Champion

2022.03.27.Salgótarján CAC: CAC BOB

2023.03.26 Salgótarján CAC: excellent 3

2023.04.08 AAPKK Club Show : Excellent 3