Piece of Happiness Hailey

Sire: Yonder Oaks Made in Heaven

Dam: Piece of Happiness Alisha

Date of Birth:2020.12.10.

Health results/Szűrési eredmények:

Dysplasia/ Diszplázia:


ED: 0/0

OCD: clear

CEA TNS CL GG RS SN MDR1 normal by parentage

Show results / Kiállítási eredmények:

2021.06.04 Komárom Cacib: very promosing 1.

2021.06.05 Komárom Cacib: Very promosing 1.

2021.06.06 Komárom Cacib: Very promosing 1. => Hungária Minor Puppy Grand Winner

2021.09.10 Mures CAC: CAJC, Best Junior, BOS

2021.09.10 Mures CACIB: CAJC, Best Junior

2021.09.11 Dracula CAC: CAJC, Best Junior, BOS

2021.09.11 Dracula CACIB:CAJC, Best Junior

2021.09.12 . Transilvania CAC: CAJC, Best Junior, BOS

2021.09.12 Transilvania CACIB:CAJC, Best Junior, BOS and=> Romanian Junior Champion!

2021.09.18. Zalaegerszeg CAC: HPJ

2021.09.19. Zalaegerszeg CAC: HPJ, Best Junior

Young Club Star 2021 at AAPKK & HCSC

TOP 1 young female at HCSC 

Hungarian Junior Champion

2022.04.01 Békéscsaba CACIB: Res. CAC

2022.04.02. Békéscsaba CACIB: CAC CACIB BOS

2022.04.03 Békéscsaba CACIB: Res CAC

2022.05.27 Bled CACIB: exc 3

2022.05.28 Bled CACIB: CAC, CAIB, BOS  + CRUFTS Qualificated

2022.05.29 Bled CACIB: CAC,RES .CACIB

2022.10.22 Komárom CACIB: CAC CACIB BOS + Crufts Qualificated

TOP2 Female at HCS

Pedigree/ Törzskönyv: